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Hasbro reveals new STAR WARS BLACK Gamestop exclusive figures!

Randy here! Hasbro just dropped some new STAR WARS BLACK exclusive figure images for a Gamestop exclusive line called "Gaming Greats".

From HASBRO: "We wanted to reach out today to share that two new Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series figures are available for pre-order at GameStop as part of their Gaming Greats retail exclusives."

You can see here for high-res images and additional product information for the figures available for pre-order – the STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES GAMING GREATS 6-INCH JEDI KNIGHT REVAN Figure and the STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES GAMING GREATS 6-INCH HEAVY BATTLE DROID Figure."

STAR WARS BLACK Jedi Revan and Heavy Battle Droid figures are already up for preorder on the Gamestop site. Hasbro gives the release as Spring 2020, but on the Gamestop site, it is currently listed as February 15, 2020 Overall, I think this is smart use of prior figures to make unique exclusives. I'm betting that they'll be plenty of people going for the Jedi Revan, to do with their Darth Revan figure! And you can never have too many Battle Droids to cut down and army build. Be seeing you, RANDY

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