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  • Mandy Realistikk

Mattel's Day of the Dead Barbie: Cultural appropriation?

Mattel has sold out of its Day of the Dead Barbie. This doll is representing "Dia de Los Muertos" which is a sacred holiday celebrated by the indigenous people of Mexico. She is donning an embroidered dress and even Marigolds in her hair. In Mexican culture, the scent and vivid color of Marigolds are supposed to help guide deceased love ones back to their altars (ofrendas). The doll flew off the shelves (well, flew out of the internet's shopping carts anyway), but critics are calling this "cultural appropriation at its worst" and are super angry about its release. People are saying basically if Barbie were a real-life person, she wouldn't be celebrating the Day of the Dead-this is just a way to sell product and not a real ode to Dias de Los Muertos. The doll was released on September 12, 2019 for $75. Let us know what you think about this doll in the comments!

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