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Two exclusive CAPTAIN MARVEL Marvel Legends figures coming!

Randy here!

Captain Marvel gets some more figures! Hasbro officially released info and images for two new Marvel Legends exclusive store figure recently, based on the up-coming Marvel Studios movie, Captain Marvel.

First up is Captain Marvel Binary Form figure. The Marvel Legend will include flame arms, 2 swappable heads, and flame effects.

The Binary From figure will be a Walmart exclusive, due in January 2019.

Next is Captain Marvel Starforce figure. Decked out in the green version of her uniform, this Marvel Legend will include 3 swappable heads(mask-less, helmeted, and Minn-Erva), extra hands, a bag, a scarf, and a gun.

The Starforce figure will be a Walmart exclusive, due in January 2019.

These revelations come after the official announcement of the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel figure line.

These include:

*Captain Marvel (2 per case) *Captain Marvel in bomber jacket (1 per case)

*Nick Fury (1 per case)

*Talos (1 per case)

*Genis-Vell (1 per case) *Starforce Commander (1 per case)

*Grey Gargoyle (1 per case) NOT PICTURED


I have to say that of the figures shown, the Target exclusive Captain Marvel Starforce is the one I'm most interested in getting, with Nick Fury the next. Expect the deluge of Captain Marvel figures and items in January/February in anticipation of Captain Marvel's release in the US on March 8, 2019.

As we are at the end of the year and Toy Fairs staring in early in 2019, I'm sure we'll be hearing of some more reveals.

Be seeing you! RANDY

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