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"You are Number Six!" - Kickstarter for "The Prisoner" Action Figures!

"I am Number Two. You are Number Six." "Who is Number One?" "That... would be telling."

One of the wildest and weirdest television shows of the 60's, "The Prisoner" looks to be on it's way to getting action figures for the first time!

From Wandering Planet Toys: "WELCOME BACK TO THE VILLAGE

In 1967 the cult classic TV series, THE PRISONER, came bursting onto the screen. The series, about an unnamed British intelligence agent who awakes to find himself trapped in an idyllic seaside village, was not only an instant hit with viewers at the time, it went on to be watched and re-watched obsessively by fans, quickly gaining cult status.

While there have been several collectables released over the decades, THE PRISONER has never received a line of OFFICIALLY LICENSED ACTION FIGURES… and Wandering Planet Toys is working with our licensing partners at ITV Studios to bring to life 4-inch RETRO STYLE ACTION FIGURES that celebrate Patrick McGoohan’s brilliant series."

"Hand painted prototypes of Number 6 and Number 2 from "Free For All" (Image from Wandering Planet Toys)

According to the presentation, the first wave of figures are far along in production and will go forward toward manfacturing after the conclusion of the Kickstarter. "The figures have been sculpted, the packaging has been designed, and approvals have already been granted by our partners at ITV," according to the Kickstarter information. Wanding Planet Toys' plan is to have the figures out by Mid-March 2022. The Kickstarter project runs through May 26, 2021, but it has ALREADY been funded over 600%! If you'd like a little piece of The Village, You can back The Prisoner Retro Style Action Figure

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