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HasLab: 3rd HISS Tank Upgrade achieved-and a Message from Cobra Commander!

And now a word or two from Cobra Commander: From Hasbro Pulse: THE SUSSSSPENSE IS SO SSSSATISFYING!

Kudos to all you fanatical followers of the Cobra World Order. You've come sssslithering out of your caves to prove your loyalty to me, Cobra Commander! But I'm afraid it's jusssst not quite enough yet. While you've been ssssinging my praises and assiduoussssly backing my G.I. Joe Classified H.I.S.S. #HasLab, there are far too many sssslackers out there! They were wasting a long weekend with fesssstive celebrations and sssstuffing their faces with their barbecue and hot dogs INSTEAD OF BACKING MY H.I.S.S. CAMPAIGN! What's wrong with them?! Well, I've been using this time to plan a little celebration of my own - the COMPLETE and UTTER desssstruction of G.I. Joe!

There's just one Classified Upgrade left, and I've saved the besssst for lasssst! But I think I'll keep you in susssspense for just a little while longer. Soon enough, I'll reveal what reaching 16,000 backers will add to the campaign. But, until then, try convincing those other fools to join our crusade and KEEP FUNDING MY H.I.S.S. HASLAB!

Time is limited! This HasLab campaign will run until August 15, 2022. Back the G.I. Joe Cobra H.I.S.S. for $299.99/£299.99 UK/€349.99 DE on #HasbroPulse. See for more details!

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