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  • Mandy Realistikk

Hasbro's Unicron Toy Might Survive After All

Hasbro Pulse has decided to give its Unicron toy another chance. Fans pledged a lot of money towards the planet eating character, however, it didn't quite reach its goal of backers in time. Haslab recently decided to extend the date in hopes that more villainous toy-thirsty fans will back the project! They currently have more than half of the cash needed for the 8,000 backer goal and the new deadline is now 10/6/2019. So, if you're willing to spare over 500 energon credits, then he might survive and be on your shelves threatening the rest of the Cybertronians in your collection! If not, he just might suffer the same demise as Haslab's Cookie Monster.

Check out my video of Unicron at San Diego Comic Con!

Get in on the action to order your Unicron:

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